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I am often found building paintings late into the night, but before I experimented with art I knew that I adored animals and the love they can bring into our lives. I decided to change career paths from potential scientist to artist after experiencing the intensity, and addiction, of painting, though my fondness of animals followed me through my career into all of my art. Through my animal subjects I instinctively react to imagery that has the same dynamic quality as my paintings by using mark making, color, and scale. Process is everything to me. I am energetic and lively in my craft, applying painter’s tape, squeegeeing aggressively, and layering paint over itself until my formerly smooth surfaces are bumpy and organic. The movement on the surface contrasts with what is revealed a few layers beneath when I finally peel back buried tape to create thick geometric patterns that span all my works and unite them in their boldness. I am always unsatisfied with a smooth panel and my work is finished when I have buried and unburied my subject so much that I begin to feel unearthed along with it. I like to tamper with colors, subjects, and patterns, though I have found my paintings are mainly vessels for me to experiment and evolve personally. 


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