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Margaret Jean

Margaret Jean is often found building paintings, and the stories that go with them, late into the night. Through her subjects she instinctively reacts to imagery that has the same dynamic quality as her paintings by using mark making, color, and scale. To her, process is everything. She is energetic and lively in her craft, applying painter’s tape, squeegeeing aggressively, and layering paint over itself until her formerly smooth surfaces are bumpy and organic. The movement on the surface contrasts with what is revealed a few layers beneath when she finally peels back buried tape to create thick geometric patterns that span all her works and unite them in their boldness. Her layering process is mechanical and thought out, but the erratic moves Margaret often makes during each step creates unpredictable interactions between layers that fight for the viewers’ attention. The stability of the materials, the methods she uses to apply them, and the predictability of the steps keep Margaret grounded, and the frantic strokes of paint and range of colors keep her on her toes throughout each work of art. 

Margaret Orlando’s work has been exhibited locally in numerous group shows as part of Shepherd University’s Visual Arts Collective. She has shown work at The Tea Cart in Winchester VA, Evolve in Shepherdstown WV, and the Student Honors Exhibition at Shepherd University’s Phaze 2 Gallery in which she won Best in Show. Maggie currently has hopes of becoming a professional welder and assists at Shepherd’s FASTEnER Lab during metal pours and workshops.  



Bachelor of Fine Art. Concentration: Painting, shepherd university , Shepherdstown, WV



Carries Furnace, Rivers of steel, Suit case, Pittsburgh, PA

VAC Collective Showcase, Scarborough Reading Room, Shepherdstown, WV

A Day in the Garden, The Tea Cart, Winchester, WV

Sugar Swept Exhibition, The Art of Cake Gallery, Shepherdstown, WV

Student Honors Exhibition ,Best in ShowPhaze 2 Gallery, Shepherdstown, WV



Artist assistant, Was asked to help restore an old sculpture by cleaning it, repainting it and putting it together, so it could be reinstalled, Shepherd university Shepherdstown, WV


Fabrication Lab Monitor, Present Monitor after hours, assistant with 3D Printers, Woodwork, Shepherd university, Shepherdstown, WV


Metal Work Assisted Metal Pours,  I’ve done, live end(which is pouring the metal) Dead end(holding the other end and assisting the pourer), skimmer(helping get the debris off the top for the pour to go smoothly, Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV


Artist Market Vendor,   Vendor producing marketing hand made products, Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV 



Visual Arts Collective (Member). Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV.

Visual Arts Collective (Senator) , Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV


Acrylic painting

Google slides(2021)

Google documents (2022)

Iron pours(Skimmer, Dead end, Live end)

Laser(Cutting and Engraving 

Maintaining Electronic customer files 

Mesh mixer

Microsoft Power Point(2010)

Microsoft Word(2010)

Oil painting


3D printing 

Rhino 6


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